How can I fix push notification issues for my users?

Modified on Fri, 9 Feb at 8:55 AM

If one or more of your users are experiencing issues with the Mobile Push authentication method, do the following to troubleshoot and fix their issues.

1. Ask the user to Pull to Fetch. When on the Accounts view of the Rublon Authenticator, swipe down from the top to fetch all notifications. Read more about Pull to Fetch.

2. Check the user’s Rublon Authenticator information in the Rublon Admin Console.

Then do the following:

a) Inspect the value of Push Notifications in the Rublon Authenticator section.

Most push notification issues are caused by the user’s phone not accepting push notifications so we recommend you start by ensuring the user has accepted notifications for the Rublon Authenticator mobile app.

If the Rublon Authenticator section shows Push Notifications as Not Possible, the user might have not turned on push notifications for the Rublon Authenticator mobile app. Refer to How To Solve Push Notification Issues on Rublon Authenticator to learn how to turn on notifications on Android and iOS operating systems.

b) Compare the user’s Rublon Authenticator version with the latest version available in Google Play or App Store. If the user’s app is not up to date, the user should update their app to the latest available version.

3. Look up the other causes of push notification issues outlined in How To Solve Push Notification Issues on Rublon Authenticator. The guide lists the most common causes of push notification issues along with instructions on how to fix them. We recommend you study this guide with your user and try to track down which of the described issues is the issue your user is experiencing. 

4. If you could not find a fix for your issue in our guide and the issue still persists, contact Rublon Support and describe the issue in detail. The following information will help us troubleshoot your issue faster:

  • Let us know what is the version of your Rublon connector? (the most current version can be checked and be downloaded in Rublon Downloads)

  • Let us know the model and OS version of the affected phones.

  • Let us know how your users connect to the Internet on their mobile devices:

    • Do they use Wi-Fi or LTE/5G?

    • If they use Wi-Fi, is the network public or private?

    • Do they use a VPN?

  • Let us know which users are affected by the issue. Send us the affected Rublon usernames/email addresses.

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