Why did a user get an Email Link instead of a Mobile Push login request?

Modified on Mon, 04 Mar 2024 at 05:07 PM

This article describes possible reasons for a situation where one or more of your users expected to receive a Mobile Push authentication request on their phone but received an Email Link instead.

Reason 1: Email Link Fallback Method

In some Rublon connectors and applications, administrators can set a fallback authentication method. For example, in Rublon Authentication Proxy, an administrator can set auth_method to push,email. In such a setup, the primary authentication method is set to Mobile Push, and the fallback method is set to Email Link. If the Mobile Push notification fails, the user will receive an email message with a link instead.

Reason 2: Append Mode With Saved Password

Let’s assume that the user logs in to an application integrated using the Rublon Authentication Proxy with Append Mode enabled and has their password saved in the following form: password,email. Then, even if the administrator sets auth_method  to push, the user will still receive an Email Link.

Troubleshooting Push Notification Issues

Your user might not have received a Mobile Push due to an issue with notifications. To find solutions to the most common Mobile Push issues, refer to How can I fix push notification issues for my users? and How To Solve Push Notification Issues on Rublon Authenticator.

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