Log files contain information about errors and warnings that occur when you are using Rublon.

Analyzing log files can help us troubleshoot your issue. For this reason, we always recommend that customers attach their log file(s) when they contact Rublon Support.

Some connectors may produce more than one log file. For example, the Rublon for Remote Desktop Gateway connector creates a new log file after the log file has exceeded 1MB or become older than 24 hours.

Refer to the following table for the location of the log file(s) in all Rublon connectors and applications:

Connector / Application

Default Log File(s) Path

Rublon Authentication Proxy - Linux


Rublon Authentication Proxy - Windows

C:\Program Files\Rublon Auth Proxy\logs\rublonauthproxy.log

Rublon Access Gateway - Linux


(the rag folder is a folder in the docker container; use the docker-compose logs command to find the path)

Rublon Access Gateway - Windows


Rublon for Windows Logon and RDP

C:\Program Files\Rublon\Logon\Logs\rublon-credential-provider.log

Rublon for SSH (Linux)

/var/log/messages (CentOS and Red Hat)
/var/log/syslog (Ubuntu and Debian)

Rublon for Remote Desktop Gateway



Rublon for RD Web Access


Rublon for RD web client


Rublon for Outlook Web App (OWA)