How to allow multiple users to log in to the same MFA-protected account?

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In scenarios where multiple users need access to the same account while maintaining security through multi-factor authentication (MFA), it’s essential to strike a balance between convenience and security. This article explores the general approach to enabling multiple users to log in to a single Rublon MFA-protected account.


Remember that sharing the same account among users is not recommended due to security risks. Whenever possible, encourage users to have unique accounts. Use the shared account approach only when necessary, and prioritize security at all times.

The Challenge

Traditionally, MFA is tied to an individual user account of the integrated application, making it challenging to share access among team members or shift workers. A common scenario is where a customer only has one "admin" account but wants different people to use it. There may be many reasons for that, and while it is more secure to create an administrator account for each separate user, it may not always be possible.

Solution: Adding Multiple Authentication Devices


Ensure that the shared account already exists in the Rublon Admin Console. If not, you can create it.

Steps to Enable Multiple Users for MFA-Protected Account

Consider the following steps to allow multiple users to log in to the same MFA-protected account.

1. Sign in to the Rublon Admin Console.

2. Select the Users tab.

3. Click the username of the account that will be shared.

4. Click Add Phone.

5. Provide the phone number of the person who will be using this phone to log in to the shared account and click Save.

6. Set a name for the phone you just added and click Save. We recommend that you set a name that makes it clear whose mobile device it is, e.g., bob’s phone.

7. The person must now activate the Rublon Authenticator on the phone you just added. Click Send Mobile Activation Email.

8. Set the expiration time after which the QR Code inside the Mobile Activation Email will expire. You can keep the default value.

9. Enter the email address to send the Mobile Activation Email. This must be the email address of the person who will be sharing this account.

10. Click Send Activation Email.

11. Rublon will send an email message with a link to a QR Code. The person who will be using this account can scan this QR code to activate their account using the Rublon Authenticator mobile app.

12. This person is all set. Now repeat steps 2-11 for one or more people who will be using this shared account.

13. After you add all the people that you want to share the account, ask them to log in to the integrated service using the shared account.

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