How to bypass MFA for selected user accounts

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You can bypass MFA for selected user accounts in multiple ways.

Bypass Users With Bypass Status

If you need to exclude only a few users from Rublon MFA authentication, you can change their Status to Bypass. This will stop Rublon MFA from challenging these users when they log in. All other users with an Active Status will still have to complete Rublon MFA.

1. Sign in to the Rublon Admin Console.

2. Select Users from the pane on the left.

3. Select users you want to be bypassed.

  • You can select all users on the page by checking the uppermost checkbox in the table.

  • You can select multiple users by checking the checkbox next to their Username.

  • You can search for users with common names or domains.

4. After selecting one or more users, click the Change User Status button at the top of the user table.

5. A Change User Status window will appear. Select Bypass and click Change to enable bypass for the selected users.

6. From now on, Rublon will bypass all these users.

Bypass Users Belonging to a Group

1. Sign in to the Rublon Admin Console.

2. Select Groups from the pane on the left.

3. Create a new group, e.g., Bypassed Users. Make sure to set Status to Bypass.

4. Add one or more users to the group you just created.

5. After you add one or more users to your new group, all these users will be bypassed when logging in to applications protected by Rublon.

Bypass Users Within an IP Range

With Authorized Networks, you can bypass Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for specific IP addresses, IP ranges, or CIDRs. If all the users you want to bypass have IP addresses in the same range, or you know all of these users’ IP addresses or CIDRs, you can set up Authorized Networks to bypass MFA for these users.

You can either edit the existing Global Policy or create a new Custom Policy. You can assign a Custom Policy to applications as an Application Policy or Group Policy.

You can create a Custom Policy that bypasses users within an IP range using the Authorized Networks policy and then assign that policy to an application as a Group Policy.

Bypass All New Unknown Users Automatically

If you select Manual Bypass as the Enrollment Type on the Settings tab in the Rublon Admin Console, any user who has not been manually added to the Users tab by an administrator will automatically be added with a Bypass status.

The Manual Bypass setting is helpful when you are deploying Rublon on a new server and do not want MFA to be triggered for users who have not been informed about the deployment.

However, we recommend you set the Handling of unknown users to Deny for better security.

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