How should I configure my firewall for Rublon?

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Rublon is a sophisticated Multi-Factor Authentication solution encompassing many applications and connectors. All applications and connectors connect to the Rublon API using TCP port 443. Rublon is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and uses dynamic IP addresses for Rublon Authentication Proxy, Rublon Admin Console, and Rublon Prompt, among others. To ensure your firewall is not blocking Rublon, read this article. Check out the Helpful Links section for related articles and additional tips on configuring your firewall for Rublon.

1. Open TCP Port 443

Open Outbound Port 443 on your firewall for to allow your Rublon-enabled applications and connectors to connect to the Rublon API. This is usually sufficient and most customers do not have to do anything else. However, if you have stringent firewall rules in place or still experience issues even though you opened Outbound Port 443, read on to learn what else you can do to configure your firewall for Rublon.

2. Add Rublon IP Addresses to Your Allowlist

Since Rublon is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), it uses a range of IP addresses from the EC2 eu-west-1 region. Add Rublon’s IP addresses to your firewall’s allowlist to ensure no communication with Rublon is blocked. Here are the IP addresses Rublon uses.

3. Add IP Addresses Rublon Sends Emails From

Rublon sends emails to users to enroll their Rublon Authenticator mobile apps and every time a user selects the Email Link authentication method. It also sends emails to the administrator, e.g., when exporting Authentication Logs to a CSV file. Further, Rublon sends emails when you want to set up a new admin account in the Rublon Admin Console, reset the Admin Console password, or inform the administrators about many authentication and management-related things. In a word, Rublon sends email messages often. Hence, the need to make sure these email messages always reach you and your employees. Rublon sends emails from one of the Outbound SMTP Servers. Add these IP addresses to your firewall’s allowlist to ensure you never miss an email from Rublon.

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