What data is sent to Android and iOS during Mobile Push authentication?

Modified on Mon, 5 Feb at 10:48 AM

Rublon’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Mobile Push method involves transmitting certain data to the Rublon Authenticator on both Android and iOS platforms. This data is transmitted via Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and Apple Push Notification Service (APNS).

Here’s a breakdown of the data shared:

  1. Device Identifier: This is a unique identifier for each device that the application is installed on. It helps in directing the push notification to the correct device.

  2. Transaction Identifier: This unique identifier is associated with each transaction. It helps in tracking and managing the transaction.

  3. Transaction Lifetime: This is the duration for which the transaction is valid. It helps in ensuring the security and timeliness of the transaction.

  4. Application Name: The application's name. This helps in identifying the source of the transaction.

  5. Organization Name: The organization's name. This helps in further identifying the source of the transaction.

  6. URL for Message Details: A URL is shared which the Rublon API can use to fetch more details.

It’s important to note that this data is used solely to facilitate the MFA process. No personal user data is shared with Google or Apple. The data shared does not allow either Google or Apple to confirm or reject transactions. That process is handled internally within the Rublon system.

The Rublon MFA system is designed with privacy and security at its core. It ensures that only necessary data is shared and that data is used solely for the purpose of authentication.

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