When do Rublon enrollment links expire?

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What Is the Rublon Enrollment Email Link?

Enrollment is linking a Rublon user with an authentication device, such as a smartphone. A Rublon Enrollment Email Link is a link inside the email message sent to a user that allows them to link their device with their account.

When Do Enrollment Email Links Expire?

Rublon enrollment email links (both single and bulk enrollment) expire after 48 hours.

If you send a second link within 48 hours of sending the first link, the first link does not become invalid. Instead, the expiration time of both links is reset to 48h.

If an end-user clicks an expired enrollment link, they will be presented with a message that says the link has expired. In that case, the user must contact their administrator and ask them to send the link again. If the user has access to the Manage Authenticators view, they can also self-enroll.

What is the Mobile Activation Email?

The Mobile Activation Email is an email with a link to a QR Code that allows the user to activate the Rublon Authenticator.

If the user has already activated the Rublon Authenticator on the phone, administrators will not be able to send the Mobile Activation Email to that user.

When Do Mobile Activation Emails Expire?

After clicking the Send Mobile Activation Email button, an administrator can set the expiration time for the activation link. It can be anything between 1 minute and 48 hours (in 1-minute increments).

What Is the Admin Setup Link?

After an administrator adds a new administrator to the Rublon Admin Console, the new admin receives an email message from Rublon with a link to complete the setup process. This link is the admin setup link. 

When Do Admin Setup Links Expire?

Admin setup links expire after 24 hours.

After you resend the setup email, the expiration time is reset to 24 hours.

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