Will Rublon MFA work if there is no internet access?

Modified on Thu, 13 Jun at 2:49 PM

Rublon for Windows

Yes. Check Does Rublon for Windows Logon & RDP work without an internet connection (offline)? for more information.

Other Connectors

During Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), your Rublon connector needs to communicate with the Rublon API. If you have no internet access on your device where Rublon is installed, you cannot effectively use Rublon MFA.

You can set how the Rublon connector will behave when it fails to connect to the Rublon API. It can either bypass the users or deny access.

If your users use the Rublon Authenticator mobile app to authenticate into applications, their mobile devices do not need internet access. The Mobile Passcode authentication method generates a new one-time password (OTP) every 30 seconds. Password generation does not require a stable internet connection. As a result, even users with no access to the internet on their phones can successfully use Rublon Authenticator for MFA. Only the device they use to sign in to the application (e.g., their laptop) must have access to the internet.

Note that the two other authentication methods available in Rublon Authenticator (Mobile Push and QR Code) require the mobile device to have access to the internet. So, if your users want to use any of these two methods instead of Mobile Passcode, their phones need Wi-Fi, LTE, or any other kind of internet access.

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