Can I run multiple instances of Rublon Authentication Proxy within one installation?

Modified on Thu, 07 Mar 2024 at 10:48 AM

Yes, you can run multiple instances of the Rublon Authentication Proxy within one installation.

See the following example of a configuration file in the .yaml format:

 rublon_token: TOKEN
 rublon_secret: secret

 - name: RADIUS-Server
   type: RADIUS
   radius_secret: radius-secret
   port: 1812
   mode: nocred

 - name: LDAP-Server
   type: LDAP
   port: 389
   auth_source: LDAP_1
   use_append_mode: true
   auth_method: email

- name: LDAP_1
  type: LDAP
  port: 389
  transport_type: plain
  username_attribute: cn
  search_dn: dc=example,dc=org
  access_user_dn: cn=access-user,dc=example,dc=org
  access_user_password: access-user-password

In the example above, the Rublon Authentication Proxy works as both RADIUS and LDAP proxy. It listens for RADIUS requests on port 1812 and for LDAP requests on port 389.

Note that you can also use a configuration file in the.json format.

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