If you have a new mobile phone and would like to move the Rublon Authenticator mobile app, follow these three easy steps.

1. Delete Your Old Phone

Accounts protected with Rublon are typically managed by your administrator.

Ask an administrator who has access to the Rublon Admin Console to delete your old phone

This is an important step for the security of your account.

2. Install Rublon Authenticator

Install the Rublon Authenticator mobile app on your new mobile device.

You can download Rublon Authenticator for your mobile operating system:

After you install the Rublon Authenticator on your new device, the list of accounts on the mobile app will be empty. You have to enroll your mobile phone now.

3. Enroll Your New Mobile Phone

You can enroll your new mobile phone yourself using the Manage Authenticators view.

However, we recommend you ask your administrator to send you an Enrollment Mail.

After you get the Enrollment Mail, click the Enroll Your Device button inside the email message and then follow these instructions to enroll your account.

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