When you log in to one of the applications integrated with Rublon using Rublon Access Gateway, the Rublon Prompt appears, allowing you to choose one of the available methods of authentication. If you installed one of our connectors, Rublon Prompt also shows up when logging in to Windows Logon and RDP as well as RD Web Access. Still, sometimes the Rublon Prompt does not appear. This article lists the most common reasons why the Rublon Prompt is not appearing on Windows.

RDP Only Selected During Installation

If you do not uncheck the MFA for RDP only checkbox during installation, only RDP sessions will prompt for MFA, while local system logons will be bypassed.

Uncheck the MFA for RDP only option to enable MFA for both local system logons as well as RDP sessions.

This behavior can also be controlled post installation by changing the value of the RublonRDPOnly parameter in Windows Registry:

1.  Go to your Windows Registry and locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Rublon\WindowsLogon.

2. Change the value of RublonRDPOnly to 0.

You Are Offline

If you are offline, the Rublon Prompt will not appear. You will be either bypassed or denied depending on the value of the OfflineBypass option in Windows Registry.

Wrong System Token or Secret Key

Ensure the values of System Token and Secret Key you provided during installation are correct.

Note that the values of System Token and Secret Key you have to provide during installation refer to the application of the type Windows you added in the Rublon Admin Console.

You can change the values of System Token and Secret Key in Windows Registry:

1.  Go to your Windows Registry and locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Rublon\WindowsLogon.

2. Change the values of systemToken and secretKey.

Changes will be effective immediately.

External Program Corrupted Installation

Our clients reported that some programs such as Symantec Endpoint Protection and Comodo Cyber Security made their installation silently fail and not create registry keys. Turning off the program and retrying installation solved the issue.

If you are facing similar issues with Rublon for Windows Logon & RDP, it is a good idea to temporarily turn off all your antiviruses, firewalls and other external programs that might potentially disrupt installation of Rublon for Windows.

Incorrect Firewall Configuration Makes Rublon Bypass 2FA

Your firewall might be blocking Rublon for Windows from communicating with the Rublon API, which in turn makes Rublon for Windows bypass 2FA (or deny access). While it’s a good idea to temporarily turn off your firewall during installation, you understandably cannot keep it off forever. You can however try turning it off again to test if Rublon 2FA works again with the firewall off. If Rublon 2FA works when your firewall is off but stops working when your firewall is on, then you have to add Rublon to the allow list in your firewall.

User Bypassed in Rublon Admin Console

Rublon Prompt does not appear for users whose status is set to Bypass in Rublon Admin Console. Ensure that your User Status is not set to Bypass.

Bypass Policy Assigned to Windows Application

Chances are there’s a policy assigned to your Windows application in Rublon Admin Console. A custom policy might bypass one or more users in your organization. You have to check if there is a custom policy assigned to your application and whether the policy’s settings might cause your users to be bypassed. Note that you also have to check the Global Policy. Follow the steps below:

1. In Admin Console, go to Applications.

2. In the list of applications, find your application of type Windows Logon & RDP and click its name.

3. In the Policy section, check if there is a custom policy assigned to your application. If not, go to step 7.

4. Check if Remembered Devices is enabled in the custom policy. A user might have checked Remember this device, which causes Rublon MFA to be bypassed. If that’s the case, instruct your users how to remove Trusted Devices from their Rublon Authenticator

5. Check if Authorized Networks is enabled in the custom policy. Authorized Networks bypass two-factor authentication from the IPs address ranges set in the text field. If the field is not empty, investigate if the IPs of your users fall within the authorized networks range.

6. Check if Auto Push is on. Auto Push automatically selects Mobile Push as the second factor during Rublon Authentication. When enabled, all other methods get deactivated and Rublon Prompt does not appear when authenticating.

7. Check steps 4 to 6 for the Global Policy.

Rublon Prompt Still Not Appearing

If you tried all the preceding advice but Rublon Prompt is still not appearing for you, please contact Rublon Support.

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